Stay Social From Home: 5 Ways to Chat & Game With Your Friends Online

Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

Stay Social with Friends Online

Now almost a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all running out of ways to keep ourselves entertained and to connect with friends who we are no longer able to see often, if at all. With the holidays here, everyone is looking to keep their family traditions alive by modifying their plans and including many virtual ugly Christmas sweater parties.

Sometimes, talking with your friends isn’t enough, and just like real-life hangouts, you need something to keep the party happy and entertained. Here are five ways to chat and play games with your friends online that make perfect quarantine activities.

1. Among Us & Discord

One of the most popular games to come out in 2020, Among Us, has taken the gaming world by storm with its simple plot that makes for a very complex game. After downloading discord to chat or using a group facetime or voice call, round up a group of 5-10 of your friends to play this unique and fun game.

Each player is either identified secretly as a Crewmate or an Imposter. The Imposter’s goal is to kill all the Crewmates before they complete their tasks, and the Crewmate’s goal is to complete all tasks without getting killed and to be on the lookout for who might be doing the killing.

Each game consists of varying rounds of play that start once a dead body is found, and the Crewmates can discuss via chat or the phone who they think did it or not. One of the most thrilling and fun games of 2020, this game comes highly recommended for people of all ages and is downloadable for free on your phone and under the Stream app for desktops for $4.99.

2. Jackbox Games

While these games are slightly more expensive than Among Us, Jackbox Games have so many options for packages, and you get multiple games you can all easily play together online. Jackboxgames.com says “. Start a game on your laptop and use the screen sharing option so that players you’re on a call with can see the game. Everyone can play along on their own mobile devices by using a browser and going to Jackbox.tv.” They offer tons of unique, never before playing games with various goals and means. Needless to say, there is something for everyone when it comes to Jackbox games.

3. Monopoly

An absolute classic and fan favorite.  Monopoly is the game that everyone knows how to play, and everyone has played. There’s a mobile version that is available for download for $3.99 and can be played with or without a live chat. If you fancy talking to all your friends while you play, log onto a zoom or voice call, and enjoy the next couple of hours of trying to outlast and destroy your friend’s property and wealth. Only in the game, of course.

4. Netflix Party/Teleparty

Not necessarily a game, but a viral new quarantine activity is watching movies online with your friends. Most streaming apps you can do this with online, where you can log in and invite your friends, and everyone can watch the movie together. It varies from service to service if you can chat in-app, but if not, jumping on a call or video together to experience the same movie and the same time is a super fun way to maintain an activity that many people did with their friends pre Covid. Netflix Party recently changed its name to Teleparty. Learn more at https://www.netflixparty.com.

5. Heads Up

Heads Up, Ellen Degeneres’ popular chaotic cell phone game can be taken up a whole new level by joining together on Zoom or Google Hangouts to play together, face to face… to screen.

One player takes a turn holding their phone with the clues on their forehead while the rest of the group tries to frantically explain to them what the clue is without giving it away. This game ensures laughs and a good time with tons of different categories you can use and different ways to play the game, including singing songs with no words and imitating accents from places no one is from. Free to download (but there are extra game packs that can be purchased), this game is a riot to play on a boring night in.

If you have any other gaming system, there are so many options out there on games to play with your friends where you can all easily chat with each other and catch up. Gaining popularity this year, the Nintendo Switch or the PS5 are both options that will bring your quarantine gaming and chatting up to the next level. But if you’re just missing your friends and are looking for easy, and cheap ways to connect these options will help you make new memories while being stuck indoors.