Our 8 Favorite Pizza Restaurants Serving Chicago’s Western Suburbs

Thursday, April 8th, 2021

Pizza Delivery Chicago Western Suburbs

A Chicago classic and a huge influence on Illinois’s tourism is the rep for our elite deep and thin-crust pizzas. With restaurants scattered throughout the suburbs and cities, it’s hard to decide which one is right for you and your company. Believe us, there’s no wrong choice! Pizza is always good, even when it’s bad.

If you’re an Illinois and Chicagoland native, you’re probably used to defending deep dish and its rep in Chicago. In reality, we all know that Chicagoans are ordering thin crust for everyday occasions, saving deep dish for that once-a-year craving that always comes. Picking the best place to order pizza from isn’t always an easy task, especially when there are so many to choose from! If you’re looking to fill your date night with some pizza from a top-tier restaurant in the western suburbs, look no further than this list.

Tre Sorelle Italian Restaurant and Pizzaria – Oak Park

With an experienced Italian chef in the kitchen, Tre Sorelle does classic Italian pizzas, unlike your traditional take-out pizza experience. They are open for indoor dining and are a well-rounded Italian restaurant bringing their customers the expertise and the flavors of authentic Italian dining. Pick this place if you’re looking for classic Italian pizzas and many options for other dishes, sides, and desserts. Check out their menu here.

Bertolli’s Pizza – River Forest

If you’re looking for more of a specialized pizza place with tons of options, sizes, and toppings, then Bertolli’s is your place. Their website says they are family-owned and operated since 1963, and they specialize in “home-style cooking!”.

Their website also shares a little more about their story and how they came to be, and it will make you want to dine there even more! “Frank Bertolli is the owner of Bertolli’s River Pizza and Frank’s Deli,[…]. All five of his children — Carlo, Tony, John, Nora, and Marilda — have had a hand in Bertolli’s success.” Check out Bertolli’s for massive, family-style pizzas.

Billy Bricks Wood Fired Pizza – Multiple Suburban Locations

We all know that wood-fired baked pizzas are on another level than your classic Italian or even your classic takeout pizzas. Bill Bricks is one of the most successful wood fire pizzas in Illinois and it’s so popular for a reason: it just tastes better!

Bricks’ owner had a taste of wood-fired pizza about 20 years ago and has been chasing the flavors ever since – hence why Billy Bricks was invented!

The owner Bill says he got started because of the lack of brick wood ovens in the city, he “knew if I shared this type of pizza with others they were sure to love it, too. In order to do so, I had to get a brick oven here! After two years of research and development with design, recipes, techniques, and constant encouragement from my wife and sons, the Bricks Wood Fired Pizza concept was born.” Check out their menu and locations here.

Traverso’s – Naperville

If you’ve been out farther west in the suburbs and were looking for pizza, Traverso’s is probably the place that came up on the top of your search results. A favorite for the citizens of Naperville and surrounding towns, Traverso’s is authentic and downright delicious. From a 15-year-old girl who immigrated to the U.S. from Italy to a family-run, decades-old successful pizza restaurant, Traverso’s is a must-visit!

Barone’s – Glen Ellyn

If you want a from-scratch guaranteed pizza, you must visit Barone’s. Committed to giving you authentic and amazing ingredients, their website says they “begin every day preparing our fresh sauces, dough, pastas, hand-formed meatballs, soups, dressings, and homemade desserts, following all of the original recipes. Barone’s pizzas are made from scratch. We roll our dough, spread the sauce, blend our cheeses and top it off with fresh ingredients like our seasoned homemade sausage. We know your taste buds will agree.”

I mean, can it even get better than that? And this is where your occasional deep dish craving will come in handy; their customers love their deep dish because of the crispy crusts and delicious sauce.

Ach & Lou’s – Aurora

If you’re looking for that rare find, hole-in-the-wall type of pizza place, look no further than Ach & Lou’s in Aurora. Half a bar with bar games and half a pizza restaurant, this place specializes in massive, extra thin-crust pizzas. The kind that you can eat 10 slices and not feel THAT bad about it. For a cheap, quality option, this place will be your new fav.


With a name like this, you expect the pizzas to be weirdly good too. They have a massive menu and have been serving food to the Chicagoland area for 80 years. They are known for their awesome specialty pizzas and a place you can go to if people in your party all want different things. Check out their menu here

Nancy’s Pizza

Calling themselves the original stuffed pizza, Nancy’s is another restaurant that will satisfy your deep dish craving better than any chain will. Offering a little insight into their journey to their current menu, their website says, “Nancy’s Original Stuffed Pizza was invented in 1971 by Nancy’s founders Rocco and Nancy Palese. A perfect balance of the rebellious spirit of 1970s America and centuries-old Italian traditions, the Stuffed Pizza is 2 1/2 inches high and features two layers of crust stuffed with cheese and toppings, and covered with our perfectly spiced sauce.” According to this description…. A must-try.