8 Of Our Favorite Restaurants with Patios in the Western Suburbs

With Memorial Day behind us, it is officially the start of summer and the start of drinking and eating on the patio season. If you live in the city, every rooftop is booked out weeks in advance and there’s not a lot of space to go down your block and be away from the hustle […]

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Spring Western Suburb Events

Six Can’t Miss Events in the Western Suburbs this Spring

Spring seems to have been thrust upon us as flowers start to bloom all across the Chicagoland area. But residents know better than that- there had to be one more day of snow. Now we are all waiting for the same thing, the final sign that spring has sprung: consistently good weather.  What better way […]

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Pizza Delivery Chicago Western Suburbs

Our 8 Favorite Pizza Restaurants Serving Chicago’s Western Suburbs

A Chicago classic and a huge influence on Illinois’s tourism is the rep for our elite deep and thin-crust pizzas. With restaurants scattered throughout the suburbs and cities, it’s hard to decide which one is right for you and your company.

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Coffee Shop

6 Family-Run Chicago Western Suburban Local Shops to Support

Are you looking to support local, family-owned businesses this year? Look no further. With the pandemic about to hit a year-long, small and family-owned businesses are struggling more than ever. After a year of off-and-on closures, people are just hoping to keep their stores alive. They need your help! Seeking out family-run businesses in your […]

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Ice Skating

Fun Covid-Friendly Activities For Families in Chicago’s Western Suburbs

Families across the Chicagoland area are looking to fill their calendar with winter fun for all ages. With lots of places still closed due to covid, there are only so many fun places for the whole family, safe, and still open!

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Stay Social with Friends Online

Stay Social From Home: 5 Ways to Chat & Game With Your Friends Online

Now almost a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all running out of ways to keep ourselves entertained and to connect with friends who we are no longer able to see often, if at all. With the holidays here, everyone is looking to keep their family traditions alive by modifying their plans and including […]

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Events Holiday Spirit

Six Fun Events & Activities in the Western Suburbs to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Native Illinoisians will tell you that their winters are cold, but they will also tell you that it is so worth it. The snow can make things difficult for the citizens, but they will all tell you that they would not miss winter for anything. This year with COVID restrictions, many people in the Chicagoland […]

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Drive-In Movies Chicago Area

Chicago Area Drive-In Movies are Back! Chicagoland Locations and Details

Most movie theatres still closed because of COVID, a blast from the past activity has started to become more and more popular around the country once again. Most popular in the ’50s, drive-in theatres were the hot spot to take your family for a fun outdoor activity.   Parents didn’t need to worry about their kids […]

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Restaurant Outdoor Seating

7 Restaurants With Outdoor Seating in the Western Suburbs

With restaurants opening up all over the state indoors and outdoors, it’s time to start scoping out the best outdoor locations to sit and spend time eating good food and enjoying good company. The Western suburbs of Chicago offer various and diverse restaurants all over the area and no matter what your mood is there […]

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Chicago Western Suburbs Walking Trails

5 Walking Trails in the Western Suburbs

With many summer activities postponed or canceled due to COVID, the people of the Chicagoland area are searching for new ways to have a fun, socially distanced summer. While people typically pack the riverfront on Lake Michigan and other busy areas, the search for new walking trails without all the people is the mission of […]

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